Remodeling and Rewiring

New electrical wiring can provide the foundation for a safe and reliable home electrical system for years to come. From running new wires to installing outlets and switches in a kitchen remodel, every step of the process must be approached with care and attention to detail. One thing is for sure: a successful new electrical wiring installation is essential for the safety and functionality of your home or addition.

Remodel Jobs and Full House Rewires Done Right

When is the best time is to install new wires during a home remodel? The answer depends on the scope of your remodel and what changes you plan to make. If you’re simply updating fixtures or adding some new outlets, we can likely work with your existing wiring. However, if you’re completely reconfiguring your space, it’s best to go ahead and install all new wiring to ensure safety and efficiency. Don’t risk cutting corners or neglecting the importance of proper wiring during your remodel.

Electrical Considerations During a Remodel

  • When it comes to remodeling, electrical considerations are often overlooked. As electricians, we cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring that the electrical setup is up-to-date and sufficient for the new remodel. It’s not just about adding more outlets or changing the location of light switches. We need to consider the electrical demand of the new appliances or electronics being added, and make sure the electrical system can handle it. Safety should also be prioritized, especially if the remodel involves adding more rooms or floors. Don’t risk electrical hazards or fire by attempting to DIY your electrical work. Call a licensed electrician who can assess, plan, and execute the electrical setup needed for a safe and effective remodel.

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