Aerial Electrical Services

Aerial electrical work in commercial buildings is a specialized form of electrical installation and maintenance. It involves installing, maintaining, repairing and servicing aerial power lines, underground cables and other components of the electric system.

Aerial Electrical Installation & Repair Service in Minneapolis

This type of work requires skilled technicians to ensure that all operations are safely executed according to local codes and industry standards. All of the aerial technicians at Norske Electric have extensive knowledge of electricity theory, wiring diagrams, and safety protocols.

Our aerial electrical work technicians are able to recognize and resolve problems associated with high voltage power lines, underground cables, transformers, reclosers, insulators and other components of the electric system. It is essential that we remain up-to-date on new technologies and advancements in the field as well as any new safety regulations.

When conducting aerial electrical work in commercial buildings, our electricians are aware of the fact that this type of work is particularly dangerous. Specialized tools and protective equipment are required to perform high-voltage installations and maintenance safely. We require that all workers wear personal protective gear and adhere to industry protocols at all times when performing aerial electrical work.

Aerial electrical work in commercial buildings is a highly specialized field that requires knowledgeable, experienced technicians to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Our technicians are trained to recognize potential problems associated with aerial power lines and other components of the electric system as well as maintain their current knowledge and understanding of new technologies and safety protocols. Call Norske Electric today to learn more.

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